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Coronavirus Questions & Answers:

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

PA Website & Travel INFO:

Coronavirus Questions & Answers:

Cancel for Any Reason is definitely the way to go with respect to Coronavirus.

Below is a summary of guidance

We are all participants in the control of Coronavirus. We have taken the Pocono Pledge and expect our guests, visitors and family members to do the same.


1. Coronavirus became foreseeable globally on 1/31/20. This eliminates most claims for interruption, delay, and cancellation. 2. Policy triggers that may still apply for standard travel protection include

  • contracting coronavirus and

  • being quarantined due to coronavirus.

3. We suggest the CFAR Product (cancel for any reason).

  • Cancel For Any Reason benefit pays 60% of booking cost back to traveler.

  • Cancel For Any Reason coverage must be purchased within 2 weeks of booking.

  • Cancel For Any Reason benefits must be claimed at least 48 hours prior to arrival date.

  • Cancel for Any Reason charge is 9.8% of Booking Total

  • * (currently not available to NH, NY or WA residents by InsureStays.)

4. We recommend that the guests consider purchasing Play Travel CFAR where the guest can cancel for any reason and receive up to 60% of the booking deposit back.

Our website is also available at  Claims Administrators review every claim based on its unique facts and circumstances and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please read your travel protection plan documents carefully if you are considering canceling your trip due to COVID-19.  Fear of travel is generally not a covered reason for cancellation under most of our travel protection plans and each plan includes different coverages, limits and terms.

Below are some general answers to questions we are receiving from customers regarding coverage under our travel protection plans:


  • Customer Service: (833) 610-0736

  • Cancel For Any Reason: *If  you don’t currently have the CFAR  product, your sales rep can help you add this product to your RentalGuardian account!  Just call (888) 885-5550 for assistance!

See details on guidance blog:  

Other Travel Insurance options:

======= Additional Resrouces =======

Last, but certainly not least, if you have traveled to any of the affected countries outlined by the CDC at CDC travel please follow the CDC’s most up-to-date and recommended guidelines. Kindly note that the list of affected countries is ever-changing and may expand. We ask that you please refer to the following resources to ensure that you are aware of the latest updates:

Symptoms and what to do if you are sick with cVOID19:

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