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Haunted Halloween Experience

Stay with us Mt. Maplewood Lodge for an amazing Haunted Halloween Experience - OPENING THIS WEEKEND @ Camelback.

Oct 6 & 7: Reduced to $350/night. Mention #KatiesKurse for and additional $25/night off!


· Kartrite’s Kurse: Features 10 rooms of doom where the perilous adventures of the great explorer Kartrite are monumented. Dodge zombie explorers, mummies and a 15 ft. bear! Conquer the Egyptian ruins if you can – and exit through the spinning time warp, into The Pit…

The Pit: What lies in the dark? Is the question you’ll ponder as you crawl through a deep, dark hole and into The Pit. The same pit where the great explorer, Kartrite discovered an underground ‘ghost town’ inhabited with pirates, skeletons and creatures from beyond the grave. If you make it through the 2nd house, you’ll find safety at Kartrite’s campsite – but not for long as the 3rd house awaits…

Pocono Point: Where their history is to “Die For”. Explore this cursed land protected by giant creatures: 18’ windego, wild boar, demonic scare crow and possessed trees, but use caution when leaving. The train doesn’t stop for just anyone…

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