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Mt. Maplewood Management

Vacation Rental Partnerships 

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Trusted Management & Increased Bookings

Vetted Management 

One point of contact for owners and renters. Market and seasonal pricing.  Vendor relations and repeat renters.

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Higher Rankings & More Channel Partners

Rise to the Top

We have partnered with Beds24 to increase marketing reach and rankings. 

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Own, Rent & Vacation with Ease

More Vacationing

Free up your time knowing your home and renters are being taken care of. 

Our Partnerships

We work with our partners one on one to create a strategy that works with your budget and requirements. From Basic to Full Service and some options in between to fill any gaps when needed, our plans are designed to pay for themselves, your home and allow you to use it as well! 

Airbnb/Vrbo Management
Booking Management
Schedule Cleaners
Schedule Repairs
Order Supplies
Vendor Management
Local Contact
Rental Agreement
Seasonal Maintenance
Weekly Price Updates
Financial Reports
Website Management
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Anthony Zuco


Anthony has a background in accounting and has been coming to visit family in the Poconos since he was a kid. Now his children get to experience the Poconos.  A lake view & hammock is his happy place. 

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Cleaning Crew

Keeping the lodge spit-spot clean and ready for our guests.  They are our first impression and last defense.  They love to snowboard & relax by the fire.  

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Our Families

A Lifetime Investment

We would like to thank The Carlucci Family, The Zuco Family, The Cortez Family, The Royce Family and The Barron-Cook Families for their support. 

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Ricky Cortez

General Manager

Ricky is our main cog and vacation expert.  He has a sales, marketing and IT background.  Ricky expertly manages guest, owner, investor and vendor relationships.  His happy place is sailing on the lake or skiing. 


Nola Royce

House Manager

Nola runs a tight ship, manages our homes, supplies and keeps everything in order.  She loves to geocache and will often see her around town with Taco. 


Paul Royce

Maintenance Manager

Besides maintaining our Hot Tubs and weekly maintenance, Paul fixes everything.  He loves to kayak and you can find Taco's sister, Beth loyally following behind.

  • Mt. Maplewood Mangement & Partnerships
    Our plan is to help find you an investment home in the poconos within a amenity rich community that allows respectable rentals. We primarily focus on premium rustic cabins to luxury homes. Our homes range in the $300-$500k range and can properly house 10-20 people. As a primary investment home we intend help manage your home while you get to use it once a month on any non-holiday (10 weekends and 2 full weeks for the year). This should pay for the mortgage/interest, management and operating costs. See our Financial options for ways to finance your dream investment home.
  • Financing Options
    We have worked with a great team at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch to help find non-traditional and alternative financing. Bank of America gives the traditional 30 & 15 year mortgages options as well as 10 and 7 year interest only mortgages. The benefit of 10/7 IO is you can have your investment home paid off within the term time by having your rental income pay for the principal on an additional amortized schedule. Merrill Lynch gave us options for using non-retirement funds to use as colateral while put 0% down and gave us alternative investment options.
  • Become part of the Mt. Maplewood Loge Family
    There are qulifications we ideally like to have to make your home a rental success: $300-$500k+ home that can accmodate more than 1 family. A premium rustic cabin to luxury mountain cabin. Proper Insurance, smart locks, security monitoring & linen options. Lake HOA amenities and/or pool access and on-site hot tub for winter ski bookings. And, of course, access to our private chefs, massage therapists & local experiences.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Why Mt. Maplewood Magement? We are a small, personal family company with proven success rate and quickly growing company. One point of contact our general manager, Ricky Cortez, will be the liasson for you as the owner and the main point of contact for renters. Create a vacation rental home that pays for itself and still be able to use it. What Property Management Software do you use? We utilize Beds24 PMS. It connects to our Top 10 Channel Partners which also connect to many more for a broader marketing scope. It provides the opportunity to change pricing globally and individually from a central database. We will setup your integration as part of the onboarding process. How do you screen potential renters? We have a minmum age of 25 policy, send a lease which requires a photo ID and have a converation with each leasee before they can gain access. We notify the guests of the state, local, HOA and house policies. Cleaners & Maintenance We schedule and coordinate the cleaning crew and take care of regular maintenance. We have a great list of local vendors no matter which plan you choose. What sets us apart? Our commitment to the guest experience is our top concern. Once we have the correct match for the property, we help them plan their ultimate pocono vacation experience as part of our company experience Our goal is not just to obtain maxium rental potential, but maintain the quality type oif tennants that will keep your home in the condition you rented it in. We try and customize each home and each group on an individual level to maximize guest relationships that turn into a lifetime of return guests. We also provide a #BookDirect option once a guest has had a successful stay at any of the Mt. Maplewood Family of Vacation Homes! Additinally, we can help setup your home for a photo shoot, creating a vendor database and managing renovations. What is our contract term? You may sign up anytime with our GM, Ricky Cortez, we just ask for 90 day notice to tranfer any existing rentals and move all your records over. How do the "Experience" add-ons work? We will coordinate and find the right private chef and/or massage therapists for your group. We will also coordiante payment for those services with the vendor and guest. The Fill your Fridge option will be compelted by our staff. For Murder Mystery, Food Trucks and Catering, we will refence our vendors for the guests to book diretly. Any other experiences are click and book direclty with the vendor. Time availability. In order to create the right balance for an investment property to pay for itself, we allow one, 2-3 day personal rental per month for 10 months and two, 1-week rentals for the remaing two months. Holidays are excluded. This gives you 12 times per year to use your investment home. If you use it less, we will book it and you will make more money. If you need to use it for a holiday, an additional time per month or for a friend or family there will be a management fee added and we will coordinate cleaners, maintenance and any repairs/damage issues so it is ready for the next renter. Property Management We coordinate cleaners, linens, restocking, digital key mangement, post rental check out reports & repairs needed. We will give recommendations for regular scheduled maintanence like; yearly boiler/furnace, water treatment, pool winterizing, chimney sweeps and spetic cleanings, but it is the owner's responsibility to make sure those recommendations are done in a timely manner for our guests. We can make local recomendations for vendors if needed. Guest Experience Guests have the option to book through our many channel partners like Vrbo, AirBnB, Booking, Flip Key & Trip Advisor as well as a #BookDirect option if you so choose. We require all guests to get the supplemental CSA Damage Insurance when booking direct. Guests payment options are cc based; Vrbo & Book Direct use Stripe, whereas AirBnB or channel partner collect and send the payment over. If you need cleaners for a personal stay, just let us know and we will arrange and send the bill withyour monthly statement. How do you deal with Damage Incidents? Mt. Maplewood Lodge requires each guest to pay for Property Damage Protection, when using Book Direct and offers it for all Guests. The Damge Protection covers homes up to $1,500 - $5,000 or more depending upon the property. This enables owners to rest assured that damage is covered. However, owners should expect that from time-to-time normal wear and tear will happen outside the policy. A standard in the property management industry is to withhold 4% of gross rents to cover the costs of small items. Mt. Maplewood Lodge does not do this. Owners should expect every now and then they might have to replace an item of glassware, do some touch up painting, replace a sink or shower fixture, etc. All homes experience periodic maintenance. Guests do sign a contract committing to pay for any damage via their credit card on file, and there are strict policies when additional cleaning is needed as well. Often we are asked what types of things are replaced under our Property Damage Protection. Generally, well-maintained, durable items in good working condition that are damaged as a result of a guest’s actions are covered. The damage waiver is not a guarantee that nothing will ever be broken or stop working in your home. It is intended to be used to replace broken or damaged items that resulted from a guest making a mistake. If a guest drops a blender and it smashes on the floor, the damage protection kicks in. But if a guest is using a blender that is several years old and it just stops working, then it is not replaced as part of the Property Damage Protection. If a rug is dirty from regular foot traffic, it is not replaced as part of our Property Damage Protection. But if a guest spills a bottle of red wine on a rug, then the Property Damage Protection kicks in. If a guest sits down on an inexpensive couch and a leg breaks off, it is generally not their fault. But if a guest spills pasta sauce all over it, then the Property Damage Protection applies. The Property Damage Protection does not apply to things like fragile antique seating or dining tables, inexpensive plastic seating, furniture that is clearly old, worn, visibly weak or rusted. These are all items we highly recommend removing from a home for safety purposes. And while we love inexpensive furniture from Ikea or other discount stores, it is known not to be very durable. The Property Damage Protection does not apply to furniture that is not designed to hold up to regular guest use, particularly fiberboard or plastic.
Partnership FAQ
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