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Experience the Poconos with Guided Activities~!

We have partnered with AirBnB to bring on some Pocono Specific Guided Activities.

We will kayak on one of our pristine private lakes. It is considered the "cleanest lake: in The Poconos. Enjoy the beauty and the solitude of this beauty. Only guests of the host are allowed on the lake and the surrounding community. Choose a guided a solo experience.

Our Equine partnered experience will start off with a " Yoga & Pony" session around the apple tree. If it rains we will hold the event inside the barn as our equine friends create a peaceful and unique ambiance.After our yoga session we will have an equine mediation demonstration that will then merge into a group guided meditation experience. As a completion to the days activities we will have an equine interaction were everyone will get to meet the horses up close and personal, learn unique facts, and get to learn how to groom the horses. After the conclusion of activities we will close the session by offering natural juices , and healthy snacks at our guest cabin. Our technology free and rustic settings is the perfect way for those looking to slow down and detach for a couple of hours. The sound of nature, wild life, and seclusion on over 50 acres if the perfect "day Trip' get away that will help you re-set your mind and body.

his experience is designed to activate higher consciousness & affect positive change in the universe. This is a workshop that offers mindful awareness tools for living your best life, starting today, by cultivating peace & gratitude as a lifestyle. Centering is a synthesized concept that highlights special aspects of being with creativity. I encourage centering through a wellness practice (yoga, meditation, harmonizing) to develop confidence/trust in oneself/others by exploring/sharing ones talents to promote connecting with ones life purpose to affect positive change in a shifting and developing world. As I guide you through a blend of creative acts (writing, sketching, photo/video, projecting) in nature, an opportunity to connect with your higher self will start a dialogue with the energy around you. Using my practice, you can experience the quantum reality that supports your essence of being. In this reconnecting you are restored through feelings of empowerment/confidence to align with the goodnesses within you. Peace & tranquility become available tools to be called upon during seeming hectic cycles as we experience centering to maintain balance/structure in our lives.

This session opens with an invitation to ground by exchanging energy with nature near the horse paddock, where one will engage in a centering gratitude meditation & intention setting for the practice. I will introduce resident horses to participants while reviewing ground rules for interacting with horses. Participants in this course will use photography to connect with nature through its stillness. One will explore the depth of connecting while experiencing oneness with our horses. One will become aware of aspects of being, both human and equine, while connecting, bonding and reflecting on the present experience as we incorporate mindful awareness and energy work. The group will move to find new perspectives and angles from which to photograph and be photographed. Encouraging and supportive comments will guide participants through suggestions and approaches to better connect with the animals. Participants will conclude this experience with a meditative gratitude exercise that will bond the exploring with appreciation for photography in nature.

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